A Conscious Commute

The gate of the plaza I live in, welcoming you with one of its kind doormat and some garbage as souvenirs.
Another scenic site as I walk few yards forward. It’s interesting that a car is parked in front of the exact place which is wall-chalked ‘NO PARKING”.
A wall of Government Shah Abdul Latif Girls High School, Hyderabad prettified as a litter place.
The PMT in my street, loaded with wires, along the mandatory heap of garbage.
Another street along my way with the same yet extended version of Kunda-connections and unsafe wiring arrangements.
People in front of an ATM for withdrawing grants. The line is not half of what it is on the first two days of the month.
A woman standing in front of a vehicle on the toll plaza begging.



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Somia Mehar

Somia Mehar

An Electrical Engineer who loves art